Named after an iron-screw steamer that ran aground off the Isle of Tiree in 1885 – The Cairnsmuir is the first bottling from Tiree Whisky Company Ltd.

The Isle of Tiree – sometimes known as Tir an Eòrna (Land of Barley) in Gaelic – was once home to ‘No less than fifty distillers’, yet the island’s connection with the Scotch Whisky Industry has long since been lost. This bottling is the initial step in re-establishing that connection.

The Cairnsmuir sank off Hough while carrying a 100-ton cargo of spirits and beer, much of which washed up on the shores of Tiree and was hidden (or consumed) before the gàidsearan (excisemen) could act.

We hope that this whisky will provide fellow Tirisdich with as much enjoyment as The Cairnsmuir’s cargo did – 131 years later.

Released in two editions, ‘The Cairnsmuir’ (bottled at 46%, presented in a wooden presentation box & limited to 155 bottles) and 'The Cairnsmuir Collectors Edition' (bottled at cask-strength 54.3%, presented in a handcrafted wooden presentation box by BarMor, with a Tiree Marble topped cork and limited to 75 bottles), this 19-Year Old Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky was the initial step in re-establishing Tiree’s extensive whisky heritage.

19-Year Old Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky, bottled at a reduced strength of 46%. Presented in a tung wood presentation box and limited to 155 bottles, each of which is individually hand numbered.

Bottle No. 1 of the Collectors Edition,  presented in solid oak case with a Harris Tweed lining which was manufactured and donated by Barmor, was auctioned with the final figure of £800 split between the Tiree Parties Committee and the RNLI - two very worthwhile causes.